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Wilson Memorial High School Band
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I like the website!  cant wait till school ends so i can come by and see how the band is doing!

Jason Opstad
Hey guys! Hope everything is going well. Nice site. See you guys in the summer!

Sam Staebell
Sweet!  Hope everyone is doing well.  Good luck at all the competitions and such!

~Rebecca Leatherwood :-)
hey, hope you guys are doin well this year. i like the site. cant wait to see all of you guys this summer!!

~Heather Shifflett~
This is awesome! There's no better band to be an alumnus of. You guys rock! Hope to see you soon, and have a Great day!

-Virginia True:-)
I think when a band gets a website like this, it transcends the level of "high school band" and becomes "THE WILSON MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL BAND MOVEMENT." Or the mafia, or something like that. THE WILSON MEMORIAL EMERALD MAFIA. Has a certain ring to it. Anyway, best of luck to Mr. B & The Band, hope you do awesome in the competitions and the like!

-Zan "Zan" Gillies
Awesome site, I look forward to seeing everyone at JMU...(just thought I'd be different, haha)

-Stephen Nicely
Interesting little thing going on here. Can't wait to see all of you guys this summer, even though I wont have much of one. Hope the old Emerald Regiment is doing well this year. Good luck to all.

Hey everyone!! I miss all of you and band so much! We really need to all get together over the summer and talk about all the great memories!! I love you guys! =)

-Sarah Waldrop
Hey, what up wilson band. I hope someone is still keepin the bari sax real.

Love the website!  I hope you guys enjoyed band this year and I will see you all in the summer!

Jen Bugden
I have counted down the minutes until I could finally post a message on this page!!!  Well that time is now.
Thanks you guys for an awesome year, and good luck with your marching show next year!

band geeks rock

hey guys good luck next year.  ill come watch at some point of the year good look at jmu.  its going to be wierd not going to band everyday and seeing you guys

Brian W
Hey Guys!!!!
 Hope ya'll had a good summer, and I hope ya'll do well this year. I see ya'll when i get back!
Semper Fi

I am, believe it or not , an alumnus of the WMHS band from 1960-62. I want to set some kind of record. That's been quite a few years. 

S. Kirtley
I'm an alumnus of the WMHS Band from 1971-75.  Played trumpet and tuba.  In the fall of '71 we had 39 band members and were the worst in the area.  By '75 we were the BEST!!!  Good luck in the future.  We old "guys" still love ya!

L. Todd
Hey Marching Hornets!  I had to stop by and check out the site.  I wasn't in the band, I was in the rifle corps. '84-'89 (rifle capt. '87-'89).  I miss doing that kind of stuff.  Now I live in Georgia, and I go to the local high school football games just to see the band.  Fayette County High School has a band invitational every year, you should check it out.  Ya'll come on down and give ol' FCHS a run for the money!!

My daughter attends West Salem High School in Salem, Oregon.  Like her dad, she plays Bb Clarinet and is in the marching band.  Her band uniform is green and silver and their show this year is also Phantom of the Opera.  The music program here is fantastic!

Garry Moyer '73
Sorry - S. Kirtley,
An old goat from 1956-1960 !!!!
Bari first year, Alto following. Still in contact with fellow bandmembers even though I live in Richmond.
Some absolutely fine and wierd memories!!!
Either keep your ears tuned OR just play loud and fast!!!!

Charlie Patterson
Many fond memories of the Wilson Band and the Ray Griffith    years. Congratulations to the current band organization and this terrific website!!

Dick Cale - 1960
Hey State Champs! I heard ya'll had a great season. And the festival.......those guys can take their 3's and shove it. well i'm in hawii. ummmmm....ya a little rainy. EVERYDAY! anyway i do go to iraq in sept. for about 6-8 months. O, and i'm now a PFC. Well i hope ya'll are all doing great.  
Pray for our country and the people who protect it.  

Love and Semper Fi, 
Come on there has to be some more old band geeks like me out there.

Scott 1996
I am a 1976 graduate of WMHS.  I started in the WMHS band when I was in the 7th grade.  The band was awesome in the mid 70's.  I played clarinet and sax.  I loved every minute of it.  I miss it, but now that I am back at WMHS I have an opportunity to experience the band again.  Keep up the good work.

Kim Claytor - Class of 1976!!
well i guess im the first from my class to comment. i miss all you kids already. but im sure the band at VT will be just as fun. =)

jessica hawkins ~ohsix~
well...I hope you all are having a great summer. i miss you && I'm definitely gonna miss band like crazy. i'm coming to band camp to visit but its gonna be so weird to watch instead of participate. I'm gonna try && come back to see you guys perform. Good Luck this season!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

~j-net lynne~ 06
Hey Guys 
Can't wait to see your show this year. I was Drum Major in 1995.   I sure miss the band.   Have a great year. 

Jennifer Huffman Rousseau
hey mr.b seeya this year

          the lone horn player
Alumni...i hope i count lol any wayz... waz ^' hows the chroniclez goin' well they dont have marching band heer so im just chillin on tha football team were gonna rock well mr.B,marla,brandon,mr C.............REPRESENT wish i were there!
I too am one of the "oldies" from the 60's.  Ray Griffith was director when I was there and what a time we had.  Looking back it was all good!

D. Mizer
Hey everyone. See you over Fall break? :)

Shannon Skeens
WOW!!!  Why didnt I know about this website....I love it!!  Anyways I was in band from 6th grade to my senior year and I loved every moment of it even though I was last chair trumpet every time XD.  Thanks everyone for the fun and challenging times.  Mr. Baraclough is the best teacher!!

~Joshua L. Balsley (1999-2003)
After several years of posts from alumni, I've discovered that any submissions since 2012 have been sent to an old email address.  Please feel free to submit to the alumni page.  It has been fixed.
Hey Guys!!!  Have a great year! See you soon.

~Jessica Massie
hey guys Congrat on you 2nd place finish  you all did really well.  special conrats to Marla and Brandon in your 1st place im partial to both you you and love to we the 2 of you doing well

Brian 05
Hola Emerald Regiment-friends i cant wait til i can get back so i can visit but til then to keep in touch my yahoo is lil_tboi08@yahoo.com well cant wait to hear 4rm uall...~v~deuces~v~

The second link on the school's website is for this. I think that says it all!
I miss all you guys, and hope you have an awesome concert band season!

Hey. Just wondering how the band is doing? I havn't been up there in forever it seems like. Hope all is well. 

~Spencer Moore~  
Class of 2006
I hope everyone in the band is doing well, and that this has been a good year for the Wilson Band program.  To all those graduating this year, Good Luck to you next year in whatever you do!

BJ Lam
Shocked, I tell you to see only one other from the 80's.  You know, when the band was the real talent under the Friday Night Lights!  Band geekdom is good memories.  I even had to order a CD from Texas Tech last year just to have a copy of "The Seventh Seal".  So a big shout out to all the other alumni of the 1984 VA State Honor Band, (including that D. Mizer guy from the 60's.) :)

Keep up the good work!

Bill '83-'87
So i definitely miss jammin on those quints for 5 years. and i miss the people. i should have failed senior year. good luck this year everyone. ill be thinkin about the old emerald regiment while im at work during JMU.

giving a shout out to Mr. Baraclough... Scooby Doo!! 97-98
It's good to see the Band is still going strong.  Keep in touch.

John Bateman '04
Hello my name is Keith Simmons and I was in the band from 1984 through 1989 and I played Saxophone.  I am a Elementary Music teacher in Greenup KY and I keep up with how the Wilson Band is doing from my mother who is an aide at Stuarts Draft Middle.  I really appreciate seeing the pictures on the site of the band when I was there.  It brought back lots of memories.

Keith Simmons 1989
Go class of '09! Flutes and Trombones are ballin'.

-Stephanie Painter 

p.s. I'm threatening you, fiddly-diddly.
I can not believe that my days in the marching band are over now, tear. But you have to know that the band will never get rid of Mama Jen, i plan to be at every major event and cheering on my "children".  I do not know what i am going to do this summer without band camp, it has consumed my life for the past 4 years and now i am finding out that i have no life because of band, but i would not change anything looking back. i am going to miss you guys!!

Class of 2009 
The 70s need some reinforcements!  I'm Scott Harris, and attended WMHS from 1974-1979 (who ever heard of middle school then?).  I was in band all five years, playing trumpet (except for one memorable year on baritone).  Joyce Mizer was our director (and the wife of Darryl Mizer, one of the "oldies from the 60s" ).  Band was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and as I write this, my daughter Becky, who is in the Broadway High School Band, is preparing to audition for District Band--at WMHS!

~ Scott Harris - '79
Hi, From the Class of '91.  I played piccolo and flute.  Wow. I can't believe the pictures.  I miss being part of the marching band.  Great website.  I have several pictures.  I will try to get them scanned to add to the site.  

Kristy Hilt-Genson