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I will never forget Danny. All the smiles he put on everybody's faces and my own. He was such a great person! Funniest guy anyone could have ever met!

Becky Burson
Jon and family,
     My love and prayers go out to you.  

Marcy Baker
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I never knew Danny, but I know his best friend Jeannette and how hard this has hit her. Not a day went by that she wouldn't talk about him, and I learned about his incredible soul just through her. My heart breaks that he is no longer with us. Now he can forever be remembered just as he wanted to be: A TRUE American Hero.

Rest in Peace, Danny.

Amanda Lowry
Fort Hood, Texas
We miss you Danny!!!!!!!!! He was a great person. He made you smile when you were down and he was there for you when you needed someone. He will never be forgotten. He was a true friend and he will be missed by all. Keep him and his family in your prayers. 

Spencer Moore
I will always remember when I first met Danny as a new band member.  He was a small kid with a lot of boyish charm.  But I soon found there was nothing small about Danny's character.  Always large with life, he brought smiles to everyone he met.  I was fortunate to watch him grow into a young man of pride and perseverance, and at the same time keep that boyish charm.  That's what made him special.  He will always hold a special place in our hearts.  My thoughts & prayers go out to his family.

Patty Opstad
Danny and I had some great times.  Senior year seems just like yesterday he was my partner in crime that year.  ill always remember that haggertown trip whne you threw 
you tantrum. we has some good times and thats what you have to remember.  someday we can have those good times again

Brian Whitesell

Semper Fi Danny

                         RICKY SHIFFLETT
                          MANDY MARSHALL
When I think of Danny, I think of the boy always quick to smile, ready to make you laugh, and always seemed to be there for his friends. I watched Danny grow and mature during his band years into a fine young man. He touched many lives during his short time here and he will always be remembered. Those of us that got to know Danny have been blessed. Take comfort in the thought that God has gained a special angel. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.   

Lee Whitesell
I never had much contact with Danny but he was one of the greatest people in the band when I was there.  I remember on one of the bus rides home from I think the all county auditions from Fort Defiance High School that he was talking about our situation with Iraq and the person responsible for the Towers with others on the bus.  He said he wanted to serve and he did.  He had true spirit and bravery to go over there and defend this country.  My prayers go out to his family.   
   ~Rest in Peace~

Joshua L. Balsley (Drum Major/Trumpet) 2003 Alumni  
Oh my goodness. I dont know where to start. I remember Danny coming in as a freshmen and joining our section. During class we would usually sit and make jokes, or get confused and just sit there! I remember all of the times he practiced the Ascension solo and how great he played it in the concert. I remember practicing with him for our numerous duets on trumpet for marching band and getting nervous right before we played. Danny always knew how to make us all laugh.

Senior year when we were trying out for chairs we went a little crazy and somehow my tooth got chipped by the end of Danny's bell. He felt so bad but I assured him it would be fine! We made it a constant joke between us the rest of the year. I still can feel where the chip was and I can still picture us laughing about it.

Danny will be missed  by everyone who has ever met him. I can assure you that he will never be forgotten. I know he is with us now and always will remain. 

Sam Staebell
Trumpet Section Leader- Class of '04
There was never a dull day in band class/rehearsals when Danny was there! He had an awesome sense of humor that could make anyone laugh.  I'm so proud of him for loving our country enough to protect it. He will always be missed!!

Virginia True :-)
Danny was always so upbeat. We were really close our first two years at school. I know that they would not be the same without him.
In our driver's ed class, we were assigned to plan a trip to Mexico together. It was so much fun, I forgot how boring that class was!
I remember when Danny was practicing for his first solo, I believe it was in the Accesion. He was so excited about it - it was all he could talk about for weeks. Once he was practicing during lunch and a teacher walking by thought that Mr. Baraclough was playing. He was so proud of that!
Danny and I used to play basketball before PE every day. One day he said to me "If we are twenty-five and neither of us are married, let's get married!" I'll always remember Danny as my back-up husband.
I love you Danny, and will see you again some day.

Kristina Surface
Danny I know i didn't know you as well as some others who were blessed with your presence...but i was given the chance to see you light up an entire room by walking in with that warm smile of yours. You're a hero to many, and truly someone who will never be forgotten. I'm so thankful for you and all of the rest like you. You're an angel. Thank you for defending my freedom. God Bless!
Im still prayin for ya!

Danny, always making everyone laugh, smile, and be crazy. Danny there was never a dry moment when you were around, you made everyone so happy only caring about others. So many goods times in band, all the crazy stuff we used to do. You will never be forgotten. We love you Danny and you will forever be our true Hero and will live everyday with us in our thoughts.

Tyler Rhodes
He was a great guy! He's my hero!
Danny was an incredible person. No matter what kind of day you were having, he could just smile at you, and even if only for a moment, everything felt right with the world. My thoughts and prayers got out to his family. 

-Rachel Dearing
Danny. i miss you so much. no matter how my day had been going, you always put a smile on my face. we had so much fun in band my freshman year. every time i walk past the auditorium now, i think of all the good times we had in class, and it makes me wanna cry. oh, and of course we can't forget french class that we had together. i would have never been able to make it through that without you there with me. you made me laugh all day, and ill never forget that danny. thanks for everything. i've been trying to stay strong, but it's hard. you touched the lives of every one you met (and many that you haven't)  and no one could EVER forget you. i remember all the times i would yell "Danny!!" from across the hall and i would always hear you yell my name back. i miss that. i know you're up in heaven having a good time and looking down on all of us. it's amazing how many people's lives you've touched. i know becoming a marine it what you really wanted to do, and im so proud of you! thanks for everything. you're my hero. 

I love you danny!!

Jennie Ott
WE'll Miss You!
Before I met Daniel last summer, I felt that I already knew him.  His mother was so very proud of him and told many good stories about him.  I met Daniel when he was visiting his mother at WWRC and she was introducing him to many staff members.  He left such a positive, upbeat impression with me.  He was all smiles and such a personable young man. I remember him enjoying receiving sweet tarts in his care packages from his mother and friends he quickly made at WWRC.  I am the one who is so blessed to have been introduced to such a fine, upstanding young man.  He gave all.  Carol, may you find comfort in having raised such a fine young man and know that God is there to comfort you and your family. 

Love, Shirlee   
I didn't know Danny, but my heart goes out to you, your family and friends.  GOD BLESS HIM & YOU ALL for the sacrifice that he and you have made so that our world is a better place. You all are in my thoughts and prayers!!

Charles F., Harrisonburg
I'll never forget the day you said something to me so quietly I had to ask you to repeat it.  It was graduation day and you had said "pray for me."  I prayed for you then.
I'll never forget the day you came to our house in your dress blues.  You had just gotten back from boot camp and I had never seen you look more confident or stand more proudly.  I prayed for you then too.
I'll never forget the day you went Home... a fallen hero who made the ultimate sacrafice defending our freedom.  I pray for you still.
Loraine Arbogast
I had the wonderful honor of having Daniel as an employee for a couple of years while he was in high school. Teenagers come and go in my business, however, Daniel got a piece of my heart and has been there ever since. He was an amazing person. He made a huge impression on so many people. Customers were always asking me where that wonderful young man was that made them feel special. Daniel stayed in touch with me even after he left for the Marines. My heart aches for his family. I will always remember him and always miss him.
Nancy Christy
I will never forget when Danny returned from basic training.  I thought I was meeting a different person.  He had been to our house on many occasions before this and the laughter could be heard from miles away.  Our family instantly loved Danny. This visit was not like the other visits.  He looked like the same person but he had grown into a wonderful young man.  His smile was the same and his charm was just as appealing but his outlook on life had matured.  Danny Morris is a Hero and I pray for all his family.  I also pray for all the young lives he touched and I feel so blessed to have known Danny. 

Jan Chase
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My son, Bryan, was in the WMHS Band with Danny and wishes he could be here with you.  He is stationed in Texas at Fort Sam Houston in AIT training in the National Guard.  

Danny, we are all SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Cindy Petitt
Bryan Petitt  (Quints 2002-2006)
Heather Petitt
Danny and I were in Physics class together. I believe it was the WORST class ever, all the guys were rude and drove everyone nuts. Danny made the class bareable.
He could put a smile on your face on your lowest of days. He would go out of his way to speak to you, even if he had only a few minutes.  He is a true American Hero and will never be forgotten.

Semper Fidelis, we will miss you.

~Lynsey W.
You just dont no how i feel for yall right now. I give my prayers and love to you. GOD BLESS YOU.

From my family to yours.

Megan Gray and family
Prayers to all the Family & Friends as they go through this difficult time. Grief is a long journey on an unpredictable road of emotions. Support of Family & Friends are always a plus.
 I know young people go into the service to defend our freedom or whatever their reasons. I feel it is a shame so many loved ones lose their lives for what cause....WAR! Again our condolences!
 Online Support:
1)Compassionate Friends(There may even be support groups locally). www.compassionatefriends.com
2)Groww (go to the main message board or go to the link you need). www.groww.com
***I hope these sites will be of some help if the need arises. 

Anna Heslep of Crimora, VA.  
If the Army and the Navy ever looked on Heaven's scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by the UNITED STATES MARINES!! (Danny used to tell me that all the time...and I know he's watching the streets up there in his dress blues and makin everyone laugh)

Danny........Oh what to say about my Morris. Well for starters I NEVER in my life imagined that him and I would become best friends. I'll never forget when I first saw him. He was not someone I expected to love more than anything and end up sharing all my secrets with. I'll never forget he always introduced me as his girlfriend everywhere we went. He even told all his Marine friends that I was his girlfriend. He was so silly. He could ALWAYS make me laugh. Him and I could laugh for hours about nothing. And his hugs could make my worst day in the world be ok. He was the most amazing best friend anyone could ask for and I will miss all our walks in the morning, getting cappucinoes at Sheetz, Danny's lovely car, the fun we had in hawaii, band trips, everything we did together. I remember we always used to get in trouble in band cuz we talked too much. I was always turned around talking to him.
When Danny first started talking about joining the military I told him I would be there for him and support him no matter what and that's what I did. I'll never forget the day he told me he was joining the Marines. I am still so PROUD of everything he did and thankful that he was willing to give his life for something he believed in. Danny introduced me to another amazing Marine, Nicholas Hurley. I believe Danny and God both knew that Nick and I would need each other and now we do more than ever. So thank you Danny....and since I know you're reading this watch over Nick and all the rest of the boys so they can come home safe and soon. Everyone will miss you. You touched everyone's heart. Even my military ladies were affected by this and they never met you. I'm so PROUD to call you my BEST FRIEND. You did the most selfless thing that ANYONE in this world could do and for that I thank you. It's people like you that have helped keep us free. My Heart, My Best Friend, My HERO, My Marine, My Life! You are an amazing person and I will NEVER forget you. ONCE A MARINE, ALWAYS A MARINE! 
Semper Fi my love 


Danny's Nette <3
I can only remember good things about Danny.  I can remember sitting in class and passing a picture I drew back to him, and I think band kids may remember that picture.  He laughed and his infectious smile lit up everyone around him.  I remember sitting in the auditorium just listening to him crack jokes and have fun.  I can remember the video he and I made, which is around here somewhere.  He's missed so much, I don't think he knew how many people cared and loved him.

I love you, Danny.

-Meredith Townsend
What can I say.... YOU ARE MY HERO. You will always be remembered. Never will a day go by that I will not think of you. You are an AMAZING person, Danny! I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU!!!
"Heroes never die, they live forever in our hearts." 

Danny, we all love and miss you so very much! We'll always remember you in our hearts and will see you again someday.

- Sarah 
We went to middle school together and he used to always put a smile on my face no matter how my day had been.  What a great selfless sacrifice he and his family have had to pay for our country's freedom.  His humor and personality will be greatly missed
Danny, i didn't know you that well, but we had became rather close in band one year. Your are a real hero. Thank you for supporting this country. God bless you.

Dakota Craig
I may just be the little sister of one of your best friends but even so you had a great impact on my life, too. I remember coming to band practices before I was in band and seeing the way you made everyone laugh and when Tara had her 16th birthday party and it was just you, Cory, Jeannette, and Sam it seemed that's all she needed to have the best sweet 16 a girl could ask for. We all miss you and love you Danny. 

Kayla Chase